Fear of cancer coming back

Fear of cancer coming back - ACSC

Most cancer survivors worry about their cancer coming back, especially in the first year after treatment. Although this is very normal, it can still be difficult to cope with.

For many survivors the cancer will never return, but it doesn’t mean the fear goes. Many say the fear fades, but it never completely leaves them.

‘I never feel safe; it is always there that it will reoccur, because it has once already. I just keep living every day the best I can.’

Learn how to manage this fear by:
  • acknowledging your emotions
  • understanding possible ‘long-term’ and ‘late’ side effects
  • knowing what symptoms to watch out for
  • keeping up your regular follow up appointments
  • looking after your body and staying healthy
  • keeping active and busy.

Being well informed and knowing where to go for help and support allows many survivors cope better with their fears.

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