I've had cancer, now what?

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The time after completing treatment for cancer can bring questions and anxiety. Many cancer survivors have found it helpful to hear about the journeys of others. We hope this section is helpful.

  • Hear from other survivors (written stories) The ACSC is fortunate to have the opportunity to share the personal stories of patients. These articles have been developed by our consumer representative and each provide insight into life after cancer

  • Moving Beyond Cancer to Wellness (videos) The ACSC runs regular forums on moving beyond cancer to wellness. If you, or someone you know has recently completed treatment – this page contains videos from our first forum.

For more about the ACSC and cancer survivorship see About us, Frequently asked questions and Cancer survivorship.

The information provided by the ACSC is for people who have completed treatment for acute cancer. If you have advanced cancer, our information may not be helpful.
Cancer Council Victoria has valuable information for people with advanced cancer and their families and friends.

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