'Just Take It Day to Day' Videos - ACSC

A guide to surviving life after cancer.

What happens after cancer? People who have finished their cancer treatment can have all sorts of unexpected reactions. Instead of relief, some people feel angry or sad for no apparent reason. Instead of just getting 'back to normal', they find their old 'normal' has gone. Cancer no longer dominates their time, plans and thoughts - and yet they can't just put it behind them and forget.

'Just take it day to day' explores what it's like to finish cancer treatment. People who've been through cancer tell their stories of recovering and finding a 'new normal' They tell how they coped with unexpected emotions, with physical changes, with worry about the future, and with the reactions of families and friends.

If you or someone you love has survived cancer, you'll find these stories from survivors engaging and helpful. The videos also includes information from health professionals, who comment on emotional and physical changes after cancer treatment.

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Simon O'Donnell's Introduction.

Chapter 1 -
Reactions to finishing treatment

Chapter 2 -

Chapter 3 -
Physical consequences of treatment

Chapter 4 -
Late and long-term effects

Chapter 5 -
Impact on family and friends

Chapter 6 -
Follow-up planning and fear of recurrence

Chapter 7 -
Fertility, pregnancy and menopause

chapter 8
Chapter 8 -
Dealing with sexuality and relationship problems

Chapter 9 -
Returning to 'normal'

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