When cancer comes back

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When cancer comes back: coping with a cancer recurrence

It is only natural to worry about your cancer coming back. (See Coping with the fear of your cancer coming back)

But what happens if your cancer really does come back?
You may want to know:

  • what cancer recurrence means
  • where in the body cancer could come back
  • whether cancer recurrences can be treated
  • how you would cope with the shock, fear and uncertainties of having cancer again.

Not everyone needs or wants to read this information. If this is the case for you, return to our homepage, where you can look for information more specific to your needs.

If your cancer has come back you may feel very angry, confused, uncertain or upset. These feelings may even be stronger than when you were first diagnosed. Knowing what to expect and what treatment is available can help some people feel more in control of their situation.

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coping with a cancer recurrence.

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